Here at Absolute drainage and plumbing we offer a wide range of drainage services in the domestic and commercial sector. We pride ourselves in being able to go the extra mile for our clients and where needed we can offer our experience and support on any drainage problem. 

We offer a 24 hours a day 365 days a year service. Our staff have over 15 years experience in the drainage industry  From blocked toilets and sinks to complete new underground and above ground drainage installations. We can carry out full CCTV surveys and inspections on all drainage pipework to access if there are any issues with obstructions, brakes or displacements to the pipework.


* All blockages cleared- from sinks to toilets and main sewers 

 * High pressure jetting amd manual rodding  

* Root cutting 

 * Drain descaling 

* Drain maintenance  

* CCTV surveys, inspections and reports  

* Drain repairs  

* Full drainage installations  

* Installation of drain rat traps 

* Gutter clearance 



Our vans are also equiped with root cutting machinery- roots are one of the biggest causes of drain blockages and structual defects, if left this can lead to broken pipework and drains. We also offer a general maitenance service of all pipework and can descale all pipework free of grease and debris.  We now offer the service of installing drainage rat traps within the manholes to the properties boundaries. The rat trap works by blocking off sewage access to rats from the outside while still permitting the free flow of water and waste from the inside